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  • Physician Credentialing services that ensure timely payment and maximize collections.

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What we do?

Accounts Receivables

Being short staffed or switching to a new practice management system is daunting; but it doesn’t have to mean lost revenue because of aging accounts receivable. MedPro can help you!

Medical Billing

When you outsource your billing to MedPro Solutions, we keep you informed daily on how well we are working for you via My MedPro.

Medical Coding

We also believe proper coding of claims is fundamental to our being a successful billing partner for you.

Consulting Service

MedPro Solutions has some of the best and most experienced billing and revenue cycle management consultants. When was the last time your group saw a medical billing consulting specialist?

Symptom Check

Issues can pop up at anytime. With the changes in insurance requirements, provider enrollments, and software updates, it's difficult to track where the issue is coming from. We can help diagnose the situation!

Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our team of billing specialists can help you analyze how to increase your reimbursements, lower accounts receivable days, decrease payor rejections and ensure the most effective processes are in place to maximize your staff’s performance.


  • How much do MedPro services cost?

    There are countless solutions to many medical billing situations. However, there are no "cookie-cutter" solutions. Each practice is different and so should the solution, which means cost will be different. MedPro strives to keep costs affordable for everyone.
  • What areas will you look at during your free consultation?

    We look at 3 areas in our free consultations. 1. AR Review 2. Reimbursement/denial trending 3. Fee Schedule Analysis. At the end of our consultation we’ll identify the best solutions to improve the management of your medical billing process.
  • What is MyMedPro?

    MyMedPro is a software powered by MedPro Solutions that provides easy to use and easy to understand key revenue indicators.
  • Is MedPro Solutions current with the ICD-10 transition?

    Our coders and consultants are trained and ready to assist you in the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. They spend many hours each week in training to keep informed and up to date.
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